How we work

Norsk Renewables’ way of doing business is to create sustainable value from our projects with priority given to health and safety and minimizing the impact of our activities on local communities and environment. Value is created through from the generation of renewable energy and provision of ancillary services directly to C&I clients or to the broader community through energy wheeling. The goal is to provide 100% of a client’s energy needs from renewable energy solutions.

Norsk Renewables Value Chain

Value Chain represents the full life cycle of company activities. It comprises 5 key areas, underpinning the value chain is the Project Maturation Process.

Opportunity Pipeline brings focusses on pursuing both organic and inorganic growth ranging from land development, sales & marketing to business development.

Project Development focusses on maturing a project business case to maximizes value and mitigates risk as the basis for a confident final investment decision.

Construction focusses on safe and flawless execution of the sanctioned project to deliver on budget and delivering COD according to schedule.

Operations & Maintenance focusses on excellence in Asset Management and provision of Ancillary Services to ensure power generation is optimised to maximise value creation, reduce downtime and minimise operating costs.

Investment Management focuses on energy trading, energy management, asset management, and financial optimization. It is a new and exciting segment for us that will bring value to a new customer base. 

Norsk Renewables Project Maturation Process

The PMP sets the framework for project delivery to ensure consistency and quality between projects, drive performance and active portfolio management. It comprises 7 distinct stages, separated by decision points known as gates. Each stage defines a set of minimum activities to be undertaken to support confident and quality decisions at the gates.

Prospecting is all about opportunity identification and feeding the pipeline.

Screening is about selecting the right opportunities to pursue.

Assessment evaluates all the options and alternatives to maximise value and minimise risk in the opportunity with focus on front-end loading.

Structuring secures the commercial agreements, EPC contracts, equity & debt financing as the basis to take final investment decision with .

Construction is about working closely with EPC partners to safely deliver on budget and schedule with minimal impact on the environment and local communities.

Operation is about actively manging the asset and partnering with O&M providers to ensure high uptimes and optimal production performance.

Decommissioning starts when the plant has reached the end of its operational life. The goal is to restore the site to its original state and dispose of waste in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.