Making the shift to renewable energy effortless

Norsk Renewables is a Norway-based renewable energy provider with 100 MW solar power in operation and under construction combined with a 1 GW secured portfolio under development. Our story is built on trust, transparency, commitment, and a positive mindset that makes the shift to renewable energy effortless. We are Norsk! We are Norsk Renewables.

We are passionate about the clean energy transition, and we proudly focus on markets where we can significantly impact CO2 reduction, and job creation through enabling sustainable growth. We develop, build, own, and operate plants that deliver clean and renewable energy.

We are expanding our commercial offering to wind and storage projects in line with our strategy to replace our customers` entire energy consumption with 100% renewable power. By combining technologies and solutions in partnership with corporations, manufacturers, and industry players we will help make the transition to zero net emission effortless. As a customer-centric organization, we will be guided by finding the best solutions for customers and opportunities created by the changing market landscape and possibilities.

We are expanding our commercial offering to wind and storage projects, in line with our strategy to replace consumer` entire energy consumption with 100% renewable power.

Our commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout the business, as we are aligned on targets for each strategic focus area. Our reputation for being trustworthy is built on a solid foundation of Environmental and Social measurement and reporting in all projects, exceptional routines for stakeholder management and compliance, and zero tolerance for corruption.

Norsk Renewables has an in-country presence in South Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, and Norway, and the team has years of experience from developing renewable energy projects in all regions of the world carrying key roles in in various IPPs and energy companies. We are about 40 employees in a very international team, with 17 different languages. 

We are eager to develop Norsk Renewable and are looking forward to the exciting possibilities ahead of us!

Our values

We are imaginative

We are optimistic about the global energy transition and the possibilities created by innovation and rapid growth in the industry. Our desire to learn keeps us on our toes, and we strive to apply cutting-edge solutions and creative problem-solving skills to exceed customers’ expectations.

We are committed

We are dedicated to building a company that fights climate change while enabling economic growth in emerging markets. We are an industrious team- we work hard, we learn, we refine, we excel. Our success is not only measured by the growth of our business, but our contribution to helping the world reach its climate and sustainable development goals.

We are trustworthy

Integrity, respect, and honesty are the foundation of the relationships we build with one another, our customers and partners. Being prepared and structured is a given, as is delivering on our promises. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and level of transparency, and are constantly evaluating how our activities affect nature, the environment, society, and the communities in which we operate.

We are open

We are curious and inclusive, welcoming new ideas, experiences and knowledge that expands our perspective. Different countries are our market and our hometown, as we come together from all over the globe to form a tight-knit culture built on collaboration and communication, with the safety to take risks and desire to learn from mistakes- together.

Norsk Renewables Mission:

Focusing on emerging markets, we support sustainable growth by enabling businesses and communities become emissions-free


We give businesses and communities the power to grow sustainably by replacing 100% of their energy need with renewable power.